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12 April, 2010

BPM: And the winner is…

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“Write down you experiences, you made in a foreign country”

This was the task for all participators. Thank you all for your contributions.

The jury has decided who the winner for the Planet BPM writing competition is:

Congratulations to !!!

1.  Dorothee Müller “Erfahrungen aus Süd-Ost-Indien “

2. Beatriz Rodríguez López “Berlín pedaleando hacia el futuro” AND Capuccine Tesniére “Une pétite francaise en Angleterre”

3. Peter Neitzsch” Die Wahrheit das Klischee”

We´ll contact the winners in the next two weeks.

Thank you to all the members of the jury.

BPM: Granny Aupair sends German Grandmas abroad

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Every year families all over the world invite young women as “au pair“ to their home to take care of children and household. All activities an experienced woman aged 50 plus can do easily. Why not invite a Granny as au pair to your home?

Michaela Hansen, 48, took the initiative to send ageless women from Germany as “Grandmas“ all over the word. “Seniors often remember with a bit of melancholy what they – once upon a time – were dreaming of,” says Michaela Hansen from Hamburg/Germany. “Staying abroad always comes to their mind and plays a big role. Some wanted to immigrate to America when they were young, others were dreaming of a sheep-farm in New Zealand. Even the dream to go as “au pair“ was not fulfilled. Michaela Hansen is trying to change that in giving them a “second” chance.