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RACISM: Watch out!

Immigration By 5 October, 2015 No Comments

by Robin Chater – Secretary-General of the Federation of International Employers and Stefanie Claudia Müller

The Roots of Prejudice” by Professor Arnold Rose explains that the incitement to prejudice is essentially a rational reaction to a world where demand for opportunities outstrips supply. If you are a white male and you can persuade your employer to consider females and non-white job applicants as inherently inferior then your own chances of securing a desired job are immediately increased. 

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Finding a full-time job in Germany as a foreigner can be tough. While the number of international graduates is constantly increasing and a majority of them wishes to stay in Germany to work, only 25 percent succeed in finding full-time employment. Antti Kapanen from the HTW Berlin is an expert on this topic.  In the six-week online course “Employability”students and graduates in Germany get concrete tools to be succesful in the jobsearch.


JOB INTERVIEWS: Golden rules

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START UPs: Best cities

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Global rank: 11

Paris startups are a lot more focused on B2B than SV entrepreneurs. On the downside, the Paris startup community is “not much of a magnet for out of town entrepreneurs. France and Paris has a long way to go in this area to be able to compete with London and Berlin.”


PERSONAL SUCCESS: A thought-provoking story

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by Ralf Titze

A story of a man. No, it is the story of a man and a woman. Maybe it is also the story of a family. No, it is not maybe the story of a family, but it is. Certainly, however, it is the story of a man and his youth in a city. In brick houses, built from the ruins of an old city that no longer exists. It is the story of people who were happy to live in these houses to protect themselves and to avert their own past.