VCV: What to think about

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By Grace Gulino, Madrid

Having a strong resume is enough to impress employers, but creating a video resume can be an even more effective way to intrigue your audience. Video CVs (or VCVs) allow you to introduce yourself in a more personal way than sending in a paper resume. With a video CV, it is possible to give your prospective employer an impression of your personality that they probably cannot sense just by reading about your accomplishments.

HIGHER EDUCATION IN FRANCE: The system is not attractive

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Studying in France without knowing French is impossible. Who speaks at least basic French finds numerous higher education (enseignement supérieur) institutions, including over 75 traditional universities (13 in the Paris region) and around 250 grandes écoles and écoles supérieures. But the universities are the weakest part of the French education system.

SCHOLARSHIPS: South Bank University offers for PhD students

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Are you looking for a Phd Scholarship? The London South Bank University or LSBU, formally known as the Borough Polytechnic Institute, is a public university based out of Southwark London, United Kingdom. The university saw its start as the Borough Polytechnic Institute back in 1892 with the goal to help promote industrial skills, the health and well-being of men and women alike, as well as general knowledge. The university still holds true to its core values as well as adding more values along the way, as PhD Scholarships. The main goal of the university is to be able to yield graduates that are prepared to meet the challenges of today’s thriving workplace. In order to do this LSBU offers a number of undergraduate as well as PhD Scholarships to help assist in financial means.

SCIENTISTS: Germany is no longer a save haven for scientists

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by Silvia Mingarelli

“The dream job of the scientist is in crisis”, said the president of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, Helmut Schwarz. Schwarz pointed that the 80% of German scientists who had participated in a survey of the weekly newspaper Die Zeit think about a career change because of job insecurity and poor career prospects. “And this happens in a country that can look back on a long tradition of outstanding scientists. Furthermore, political and business areas simultaneously emphasize again how much our own future is determined by science-driven areas”, Schwarz said. 

HORSES: How to make money with them

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by Paola Mangone

Horses always have been an essential part of our economy. Back in the old times they were the major mode of transportation and also did most of the heavy work. But even though the majority of today’s horses are associated with breeding and sport instead of used in agricultural or forestry businesses, we still should not underestimate their continuing importance to our economy. Of the approximately 60 million horses worldwide, about 1 million are located in Germany. And those horses need feed, veterinary care, farrier services, trucks and trailers, pay for boarding, equipment and tack. Other horse related income is generated from horse shows, racing, breed fees and competitive horse events.